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 Production Machinery

We offer coherenr service from development design , assembling , up to maintenance with full use
abundant experience , processing technique and assembling technology.
We creat the Machhines which customers want.

Customer and sales / engineering meeting

 After having inquiry from customers , salesman visit and ask requests
 Afterwards engineering will have technical meeting as needs.


 Communicating with custoners , we go ahead as following process :
 basic design → customer approval → assembling drawing →
 detached view development → last confirmation → producing parts

 Producing parts

 We produce parts in our factory and realize a high quality and low cost ,
 by making full use of Machining Center , Wire-Cut EDM Machine , EDM
 Machine , NC Lathe , Precision Grinder.
 We deal with various kinds of Materials such as engineering Plastic ,
 Steel , Ceramics ,Composite Materials.
 We also design molding and mold products of exclusive tray in factpry


 Our experience-rich staff push forward working quickly and exactly.

Trial run and inspection

 We make a trial run in our factory before shipment , and make an
 examination for performance , in addition , the examination for
 customers observer in our factory is available.

Installation Maintenance
 After installation in the customers factory , We carry out driving
 adjustment , check examination , and operating training with
 responsibility . after delivery , depending on a demand , We perform
 perodical inspection or after maintenance.

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