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 Injection Molding

 As we say 80% of Injection Molding technology.
 Owes to wes to technology of Die , the role of in the Molding is very
 We started Plastic Injection Molding business in 1966 with more then
 40 years'.
 Die production experience and accumulated technique.
 Now Our customers of various industries such as medical equipment ,
 Security Camera , and production Machinery give us high evalution ,
 we have established coherent production system from designing product ,
 Die production to molding.
 We equip with precision injection Machine ranging from 18 tons to 150
 And we deal with resin materials as engineering plastics , polivinilchloride,
 liquid crystal polymer.
 We acquired the certification of ISO9001 in December 2005.
 We are improving the effectiveness of the quality management system
 continudusly everyday , deepening customers satisfaction and meeting
 the trust of customers.
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